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Since 2017 Pass Ely have earned a reputation for responsible and caring driving instruction. Our professional and friendly driving instructors cover Ely and surrounding villages. With us you will enjoy a relaxed, positive and encouraging environment making your learning fun and enjoyable.

  • Grade “A” Instructor
  • Learn with a company that cares, more than just an offer!
  • Client Centred Lessons tailored to suit you

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We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, so we utilise Client Centred Learning and Coaching techniques to bring you up to Test Standard as quickly as possible. We also promote the attitude of Safe Driving for Life.

What My Customers Say…

The cheapest priced lessons don’t always work out the cheapest way to get your license. Using a Client Centred approach as well as modern coaching techniques, we believe we can get you driving to test standard a lot quicker than other older styles of learning. We promise you will have fun along the way and learn to be a Safe Driver for life!